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The new Truck

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Why do I drive a new Truck? ​

First off all: I have been more than happy with my BimobileEX480 and nothing to complain.

My Truck was on its way to South America when the Vessel Grande America caught fire and sunk. 

The company Bimobil was very generous offering me a solution to get back on the road as soon as possible. Thank you again guys! 

At the same time friends decided to sell their Truck. We have been together in Morocco and I knew pretty much everything about this little monster called "Egon"


So Egon became my Truck 2.0 

The basis is a MAN 13.290 with some serious modifications at the chassis since the previous owner loves to drive off-road at limits...

The cabin was built by Kerkamm Weltreisemobile and coming from there the cabin was already prepared for a long distance overland trip.

Nevertheless the previous owner decided to add some more features he wanted to use while traveling. So I got pretty much a perfect overlander to keep on my adventures.

There is still some work to do since I needed more solarpower and probably adding another water filter system but the truck was more than perfect to get back on the road within weeks.

Later on I will give you more information about my truck but for now im busy testing all features. I guess it would be the same with you...

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