• Marcus Weiden

South of Sweden

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Sweden the Country of my childhood storys... I had honestly no idea what really to expect but I was welcomed with open arms wherever I went. A huge difference to Germany where I nearly felt unconfortable with my truck.

I enjoyed the south of Sweden at the east and west coast down here and I can't wait to come back and discover the rest of Sweden. My parents surprised me and joined me a couple of days with their camper. We haven't been on holiday together for more than twenty years now. So there was a lot to catch up ....

There is still so much work to do with the truck but it feels more and more like home. Getting used to limit spaces is a bit different than just minimalism. I still need a bunch of helpful tools with me once I'm fare from civilization. But do I really need all of this T-shirts and Jeans? They will probably become less and less over time...

Frieda is growing fast. Have a look yourself:

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