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Norway - the south and south west (1)

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I started discovering Norway by following the coast line from Fredrikstad to Trondheim. Thought I did some detours to visit such popular places like Geiranger and Trollstigen. But to be honest I enjoyed the places I found just beside the road more than the crowded tourist places.

Working my way along the coast, the route took me past remote lighthouses, hidden beaches, historic harbours and even elaborate bunker systems dating from the Second World War.

In Oslo I was lucky to find a spot to parc the truck downtown. We had a nice and relaxing day visiting the royal castle and while Frieda was in charge to guard the truck I enjoyed the nightlife of Oslo. Walking through Oslo seemed to be really boring for the puppy so I made sure she got some entertainment in front of the castle.

Sorlandets Kysten

Also known as the Norwegian Rivier, I found d a mixture of waterfalls, beaches and rugged coastline.



I arrived at the beginning of a weekly music festival in Mandal and the local police allowed me sleep just in front of the police station so I could enjoy the music and a beer. Frieda made new friends and I enjoyed a lovely evening with the locals.

Lindesnes Frystasjon

The Oldest Lighthouse in Norway was built in 1656 and lit by candle. Located on the southernmost tip of the Norwegian mainland. I could even listen to BBC Radio as the next Islands south from here happens to be then UK. Here the coastline is rocky and characterised by an idyllic archipelago comprising hundreds of picturesque islands and skerries.

Lindesnes Frystasjon


It was nearly impossible to find a spot to stay with the Truck in Bergen. At least I could Parc for a couple of hours close to the main station and I was able to walk through the city for a while.

wild and free

I try to avoid Campgrounds but it is not always easy to find a good spot to stay overnight or maybe a couple of days. This one was close to the highway but it felt like being fare away ...

Wow! I should write more often because there have been some many beautiful locations on my route so I have to write a second part about South Norway.

Greetings from Jotunheimen, Marcus

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