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Nordkapp - Norway

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

We reached the end of the continent and decided to have a little party there. This picture was taken at 3 am. I found a way to sneak in at night and bring my truck to the very end of the world ...

It's a lovely place at night when all Busses are gone. So peaceful...

Bimobil EX480 Nordkap
Bimobil ex480 Nordkap

Coming from the Lofoten the journey goes through stunning scenery with fjords, endless ocean and cliff coast. Out took us 3 days to get there but we wanted to stop and enjoy the landscape once in a while. The last 100 kilometres really felt like reaching the end of the world. It gets quite lonely till you reach the touristic hotspot with an endless line of busses for the cruise ships. Again I decided to stay a bit more lonely...

It's not a secret anymore but the hiking trail to the real north cap was a great trip. A cliff a bit more north than the official north cap can be reached by hiking a 8 km trail each way but you will be rewarded by passing reindeer familys and other wild life. It's the middle of August but right now it doesn't get warmer than 10 degree and it falls to 2 degree at night.

Frieda had a great time running up and down the hills and exploring the nature. Meanwhile she is pretty confident and she knows exactly where to put her paws. 

I decided to stay one more night as the weather is constantly changing here and I would love to see it while the sun is shining. Lucky me!I took these pictures the next day ;-)

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