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Morocco with a dog

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I did some research before going to Morocco with Frieda and I heard very different stories about it. Some have been really nightmares. But as always I didn't just trust the very negative comments and so I decided to find out how this is going to work for Frieda and me.

Vizsla Marokko Wüste Desert Morocco Traveldog

One thing you should know and remember while being in Morocco with your dog: Touching a dog removes the cleanliness required for daily prayers, because of this some people are not overly friendly near dogs. I respected this need for distance and I never had any problem so far. I found a lot of people being interested in why I’m traveling with a dog and sometimes after a while getting in touch with Frieda.

Let’s say she asked for body contact in her special charming way …

Pets in general, but especially dogs are not hugely popular in the Arabic world. However there are a few Moroccans that choose to keep dogs in their homes. When dogs are with their owners in public places, they are usually not leashed but they are mostly harmless and tend to not even move when you pass by them. It's different once you are getting in contact wit wild dogs. I always unleash Frieda and let her handle the communication. Se doesn't need long to get accepted from a pack and than the fun starts. Make sure your dog knows the difference between playing with wild dogs and playing with goats sheeps or camels. A farmer might not be happy by seeing your dog stressing his animals.

If it comes to towns and villages I just made sure that Frieda stays with me and most of the time I led her run on the leash. People passing by know that she can't reach for them and I've been sure that she was not following all these wonderful smells. I even took her with me on a city tour of Fes and she loved the tanners and this part of the city. I wouldn't suggest to bring a dog with you when you visit the Medina on high peak but an early mornings we had a great time discovering the Medinas before business hours. I was once told that I can't eat at a restaurant because of the dog but the owner made sure to bring me to a wonderful restaurant in the neighborhood. He cuddled Frieda and explained me that he loves dogs but his guests don't. So he made sure I didn't pay to much at the restaurant and I got the best food I had in weeks.

Traveldog Vizsla

Official Requirements

Foreigners can bring pets along with them to Morocco, and the process for doing so is relatively easy. Bring your dogs EU Passport as a a certificate of your pet’s current health, current shots, and notation that it is parasite free from a licensed veterinarian. Your pet must receive a rabies vaccination more than 30 days before traveling. But be aware that the situation is different by coming back to Europe from Morocco. To enter the EU you must prove the Titer-Status of the Vaccines. In our case the vet in Cologne took a blood sample and I got an official certificate two weeks later.Once in Morocco, foreigners do not need to obtain any additional licenses for pets.

I found traveling with a dog in Morocco is not a problem at all and Frieda and I had a great time in this wonderful country.

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