• Marcus Weiden

Lofoten -Norway

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I have heard a lot about the Lofoten and my expectations have been really high.

Just above the Arctic Circle at these chain of Islands we found dramatic cliffs, breathtaking mountain views and secluded white sand beaches lapped by azure seas. And the surprising part is. It really looks like the pictures in all these prospects and stories about the Lofoten. You have to fall in love with these Islands

We have been lucky to be here at hot summer days. It's easy to forget that you are above the Arctic Circle.

If you ask me for a secret spot to stay overnight. There is none. We found some great places to stay but they have all been listed at the apps we usually use. There is "park4night" or "iOverlander"

We just reduced our speed whenever weft like enjoying a break and there was always a great spot close by. 

I didn't believe these views before I finally could enjoy them myself

We have been hiking through lovely and kind of Disney-like woods always expecting an Elch to come around the next corner. Wildlife is not afraid of human beings and they get really close to you. Frieda already learnt to freeze and calm down when we meet an Elch or Sheeps.

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