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Jotunheimen Galdhopiggen -

Updated: Jan 1, 2020


This week we did two superlatives. We drove the highest road of northern Europe with with an altitude from about 1.900 meters.


After a calm night with magical mountain views on a little side road we headed the Juvashutte and started hiking on the ice fields leading us all the way up to Norways highest  mountain. The Goldhopiggen with 2469 meters is not only the highest mountain of Norway, it's the highest mountain of Northern Europe. It was quite a hike. Especially since I had to carry the little one for a while as the track became to dangerous for her to walk.

Frieda was just 4 month old but we reached the top.

At Heidal I stayed for a couple of days and I got in contact with some local people. These region is quite popular as the farming region of Norway. Since the summer has been way to hot here most of the farmers hat to shut down at least one third of their animals because they can't effort to by food for the winter. They didn't have any rain here since more than 3 month now. The gras simple doesn't grow. But as this is happen to most farmers in Norway they can not even sell the beef of the animals as there are just to much animals to be killed. So this wonderful endless summer has a bad backside here...

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