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Hike for a better life

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

A sponsor hike to improve the living conditions in the mountain village Tangle at Parbat Disrikt. Together with friends and people from my professional network, we wanted to help ensure that fewer people migrate from the mountain villages to the collapsing cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

So in spring 2018 we started hiking into the mountains to see ourselves how people are living.

The village Tangle

After 4 days hiking and sleeping in different mountain villages that are accessible only on foot, we reached our destination: the far situated village Tangle at 1,960 meters above sea level. Here are living 200 inhabitants in 45 houses and time seems to have stood still for centuries.

After the earthquake, the aid has not penetrated that far. Lucky they, the village population itself has barely seen a ruined building and they managed to repair most of the damages themselves. They have also built a school from its own resources. But the lack of equipment for the school, a missing community center, especially for young people and non existent good water supply raised our attention .

When we arrived arrived at Tangle we were almost received by the entire village population warmly with singing and dancing, as indeed in every village where we stayed. The extremely primitive accommodation of the locals involved our quarters. Despite the language barriers we had a lot of fun together.

How did we use the donations?

We raised nearly 60.000 € to support Tangle and that money was used to built a community center, public water supply and buying equipment for the local school. 30 % of the total costs have been provided by the village through work effort and the whole village is working hard to realize the projects.

But we didn't just leave money in Tangle, we started to build a connection to the people and as we have been told by the oldest, we gave them hope for a better future. Honestly, I was surprised to learn that they even reduced costs of the projects to leave enough money to start a litte bed and breakfast business. Generating income for the village is the next step for a better future. These people don't want rely on donations. They want to work and earn their living.

For more information please visit the Homepage https://www.nepalhilfe.de

If you want to support the projects of Freundeskreis Nepalhilfe you can do so online via https://www.spendenportal.de/geldspenden/projekt/14988 or follow the information on https://www.nepalhilfe.de/index.php/ihre-hilfe/stiftungen.html

Thank you, Marcus

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