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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

​During the last two decades I have been involved in very different charity projects all over the world. Depending on my personal situation my involvement has been gone from donation out of my personal funds over organizing fundraisers till just being part of big charity events with my professional network.

The "Hike for a better life" project in Nepal was a game changer to me. The decision to get out of the job and the treadmill has been made years ago and I was just waiting for the delivery of my truck to start my sabbatical. Looking back, Nepal had the biggest impact on changing me, my planned sabbatical and making slowtravel now my lifestyle.

While on the road, I'm still able to generate some income and I decided as part of my personal journey to donate all of it to support people and projects on my adventure. I have the chance to not only donate money, but also to be part and helping developing projects in close contact with the people who actually need the help. I can tell you that what you get back this way is worth a lot more than any bank account statement can give you.

So have a look at some recent projects

Nepal - a life changing experience

while in Nepal I joined "Hike for a better life" and together our small group raised more than 60.000 € to support the work of Alexander Schmidt and Nepalhilfe e.V. www.nepalhilfe.de

For more Details read my posting about Nepal

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London Marathon

Running and raising money from friends and coworkers made it possible for more than 80 children in Africa to go to school.

Big Ride for Africa

Riding on a regular street bike from Cologne to Amsterdam, me and my co-workers from all over the world raised more than 1.450.000,- € for the lessons for life foundation.


Courage my friends! It's never to late to make the world a better place.

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