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Flying with a dog from Germany to Uruguay


Before I booked the flights I checked again the requirements for bringing a dog to Uruguay.

I found a lot of different information and the one that I got confirmed by the veterinary officials of the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo was from pettravel.com:


At the time of my flight in December 2019 the requirements have been:

  1. A pet microchip that is ISO 11784/11785 compliant is required for all dogs entering Uruguay. If your pet's microchip is not 15 digits and non-encrypted, then you should bring your own microchip scanner.

  2. A rabies certificate displaying proof of current vaccination against rabies administered at least 30 days and not more than 12 months prior to entering Uruguay must be provided. Even if the vaccine in Europe is valid for at least 24 month, you need to make sure you stay within the 12 month since the last shot.

  3. Before your dog can enter Uruguay, it must have be treated against internal and external parasites within 15 days of entry. Dogs must also have a tapeworm treatment between 72 hours and 30 days of travel.

  4. Dogs previously diagnosed for Leishmania are not permitted to enter Uruguay. Unless your origination country is not declared Leishmania-free, then your dog must have a laboratory test with a negative result. I did the test for not taking the risk of having a discussion about if Germany is free of Leishmania or since I came from Madrid and Spain is a risk country, if Spain counts as my origination country.

  5. Rabies Titer Test: A blood titer test is not required to enter Uruguay from any country but you need the test for reentering Europe. We already had the test made for Morocco last summer.

  6. Within 10 days before entry, a licensed veterinarian must complete the Health Certificate for Uruguay. The form must be in Spanish. I went to the official government veterinary and had a certificate written in spanish from my vet.

Booking the flight

There are no direct flights from Germany to Uruguay so I had to find flights with the smallest impact on my dog. There are unlimited connections going to Montevideo from Cologne (Germany) but I didn't want Frieda to be in a cargo box for 24hours, or even worse 36 hours. So I booked a flight from Düsseldorf to Madrid on Monday morning and from Madrid to Montevideo the following day.

My idea was that when I spend all day outside with her, playing in the parc's of Madrid she will be tired in the evening. The departure time is 23:55 and that's way behind her usual "bedtime" ...

My flight from DUS was at 11:55 and prior to the flight I would have to go through the Monday rush hour with a lot of traffic jam and I had to give back back my rental car at the airpot for what I needed time as well. That sounded like a lot of stress to me and to avoid all that I decided to get a room at the airport hotel so that I just would take Frieda for a longer walk in the morning before going into the airport.

That was the right decision. I had friends coming to say goodbye at the airport and I was already pretty relaxed as I only had to walk 400 meters into the airport. As always Frieda took over my emotional mood and behaved like a pretty relaxed professional flyer. I booked flights with IBERIA and what shall I say: from the very first moment I was in good hands with my dog. The Lady from the check in walked me to the special luggage check in and made sure I can hold Frieda as long as possible outside the cargo box. So I had to deliver her at the check in just one hour prior to the flight. They did put the box in storage for me and I could just walk around with Frieda till the very last moment.

Once the dog was on her way to the airplane I made sure to catch my flight. I knew security check was going to take a bit longer as I was transporting my camera equipment, two laptops and all the electronic stuff I was not allowed to leave in the truck. So I looked like I had all the equipment for starting an explosion in the airplane. And yes! It took me forever and I had to answer a lot of questions but I catched my flight at the very last minute.

I want to say a big thank you to IBERIA 🙏 you guys took care of Frieda from the very first minute like it was your own dog. They managed to limit the stress for Frieda with special service from the ground crew and thanks to the crew on the flight to Montevideo it took Frieda and me just 20 minutes to get out of the airport after landing.

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